Monday, August 2, 2010

Tilly's Itinerary

Tilly at home, on the deck, in Maine :)

So, we have some plans. My first trip will be to Canada with sweet Angela in September, if we get my passport ready and my specialized gear all set up. My second trip will be to...get ready....Belgium with sista-outlaw, Marj, and her sidekick, the drummer of Wooden Eye, Joe, in October. My third trip is to...OK, this is a long way away......Guam, visiting Dr. Michael Ehlert, famed psychologist. I am hoping to learn French in Canada; eat waffles, chocolate and drink beer in Belgium; and kayak in the blue waters surrounding Guam. Off to see the world!


  1. Love her, she is adorable. What fun. Does she want to go to Peru with me?
    Just found out this week I am being sent by my work, all expenses paid. :) :) Did I say Yes when asked?? YOU BETCHA!!!

  2. She might need a Texas girlfriend for adventure,,,going to see if I can find her one. Oh yea, her parents should bring her to Texas to visit.